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Technical Colouring

Technical Colouring

At FedsEducation we think Technical Colouring at the its truly important to help you understand the products on the market to help remove colour. Extract minerals and medication from the hair that an hinder our colouring services

What colour removers without bleaching. Undertones will be revisited. Why should we use a higher volume of peroxide and why that doesn’t hinder the condition of the hair when used with the right colour products. Shadowing how to manage those pesky warm undertones through to resistant hair

Why go from being a nice stylist to an outstanding one that continues to deliver.

Our courses aim to deliver everything that you will need to succeed in today’s busy salons.

Foundation courses, Creative courses, Technical courses and Specialist courses are all here for you to explore in both cut and colour. For the Boys and for the Girls! The world is changing and we all need to change with it or get left behind! We will create for you an Individual Learning Plan depending on what it is exactly you want to learn and of course what your budget is.

All courses are costed at a daily rate. The more days you do the less you pay per day! You can also pick ‘n’ mix! Simple!