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Balayage techniques are probably one of the most desired colours out there at the moment as it’s bang on trend and wide open on options for different versions.

This course will not only teach you traditional banging salon Balayage techniques but will also add how to cheat this look with effective and seamless looks that are reliable every time you use them especially on a busy day.

Perfect for all stylists at every level working with clients who want what’s happening now and is fantastic for college tutors developing their own skills enabling them to pass on to their students who are the future!

Teach them well and let them lead the way!

Our courses aim to deliver everything that you will need to succeed in today’s busy salons.

Foundation courses, Creative courses, Technical courses and Specialist courses are all here for you to explore in both cut and colour. For the Boys and for the Girls! The world is changing and we all need to change with it or get left behind! We will create for you an Individual Learning Plan depending on what it is exactly you want to learn and of course what your budget is.

All courses are costed at a daily rate. The more days you do the less you pay per day! You can also pick ‘n’ mix! Simple!